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Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT):

Methadone is a medication administered daily for opioid use disorder under monitored, controlled conditions in the clinic. Methadone has been utilized for years with a great deal of research determining its safety and effectiveness. Once patients begin taking methadone at appropriate doses, withdrawal is avoided, cravings are minimized, and physical and mental stabilization occurs.

Medical staff monitoring medication assisted treatment is effective.

Individual and Group Counseling: 

For the first year of treatment in the program, patients are required to attend individual and group counseling. Behavioral health services are critical to substance abuse treatment and assist patients in learning about issues such as the science behind addiction, relapse prevention, and how to manage cravings and related behaviors. Trained counselors function simultaneously as teachers and coaches, fostering a positive and encouraging relationship to reinforce behavior change and recovery.

Therapist working with a consumer to understand the deeper issues that lead to the use of substances to begin with - addressing the mind-body connection.

Case Management Services: 

Case management focuses on assisting patients with building connections within their community to help support their recovery. Counselors have broad knowledge of community resources and work to link patients to healthcare, insurance and other benefits, educational institutions, sober living facilities, support groups, housing, and other social service agencies. In addition, counselors may help to coordinate care with the patient’s physicians, referring agencies, and/or the court system.

Case manager assisting a consumer experiencing a crisis.

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Therapy sessions occur in group and individuals settings.

WIN Recovery
Opioid Treatment Program

WIN Recovery, an opioid treatment program of

Hamilton Center, Inc., is the first of its kind in the area. The clinic provides comprehensive treatment for adults (age 18 and older) who are struggling with opioid use disorder.


Staff working with consumer to ensure our form of treatment is right for them.
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