Hamilton Center, Inc. has opened three certified opioid treatment program in the Wabash Valley.  WIN Recovery has locations in Terre Haute, Vincennes, and Plainfield.  These clinics provide help, hope, and recovery from the debilitating disease of opioid use disorder, a disorder normally associated with the misuse of prescription pain medication and/or heroin.


Opioid use disorder is a complex problem. With continued use and misuse, it can cause serious changes in the brain and body.  Medical practitioners consider opioid use disorder to be a long-term illness, like asthma, hypertension (elevated blood pressure), or diabetes. 


The good news is that opioid use disorder is treatable and recovery is possible.  People are able to regain their lives, heal their families, secure employment, and significantly limit exposure to communicable diseases. People are able to really live again. 


People often hesitate to begin the recovery process due to fear of the physical symptoms associated with withdrawal, or because they doubt recovery is even possible.  WIN Recovery provides medication and counseling to provide comprehensive and effective treatment. Once a patient begins taking the medication (methadone) at an appropriate dose, withdrawal is avoided; cravings are minimized and physical and mental stabilization occurs.


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